Pregnancy Won’t Keep Kate Upton from Being Hot

Being pregnant with a child that’s going to be the best looking athlete since Tom Brady hasn’t slowed down Kate Upton.

The future mom, wife of Justin Verlander, and supermodel took part in a photo shoot with Yamamay to show off their collection of lingerie.

Upton revealed in July that she is pregnant with her first child with Verlander. That hasn’t stopped her from working because being pregnant just means photographers have to pay extra.

Maybe this isn’t a pregnant photoshoot on the level of Khloe Kardashian as Upton is barely showing. But who cares. Do we really need an excuse to post hot pictures of Kate Upton? I didn’t think so.

Go buy your Yamamay lingerie today. Support Kate Upton the same way the Houston Astros lineup supports Justin Verlander. And the way the Yamamay supports the female figure. They claim to have the perfect fit for any size. Would a celebrity-endorsed lingerie company lie to you?

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