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Hugh Jackman Back as Wolverine in New ‘X-Men’

By on November 29, 2012

As you’ve already read, oh, I don’t know, everywhere on the internet by now, is in talks to reprise his role as in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to the X-Men prequel. Yes, we’re going four levels deep. Where’s Xzbit when you need him?

Days of Future Past is a classic storyline that unfolded in two issues of Marvel Comics’ Uncanny X-Men in 1981, from writer Chris Claremont and artists John Byrne and Terry Austin. The story was partially set in an alternate future where surviving mutants have been penned in concentration camps, giant robots called Sentinels patrol America, and most of the X-Men have been hunted and killed. In the present day, the X-Men were forced to stop a key event from unfolding in order to keep that future from occurring.

Sources confirm to THR that Hugh will be joining Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the film. Jackman just finished wrapping up on The Wolverine, the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This sentence down here at the very end of this article will be the only time I mention Brett Ratner.

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