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Ice-T a Little Pissed at CoCo

By on December 10, 2012

Over the weekend, MediaTakeOut posted some pictures of flirting with Oakland rapper . The pictures showed them kissing each other on the cheek, nuzzling into CoCo’s neck and CoCo enjoying ′s warm embrace. Standard stuff really for “a guy that’s been around our production crew” and who’s “cool with everybody!”

Unsurprisingly, was not happy about the pictures. He went on Twitter to say, “Don’t get it twisted, I’m not happy about this sh*t.” Adding, “Most of [the pics] are disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look and feel liek sh*t. I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple.”

Meanwhile, CoCo didn’t see what the the big deal was. “Woke up to people in a panic about some pics, please guys I’m happily married, sometimes fans & friends take silly pics. Its harmless. #RELAX.”

Eventually, however, CoCo realized that maybe, just maybe, posing with a man’s arm wrapped around you while he kissed you on the head could be misconstrued as something else. “Ice is right,the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband however the pics were the only thing that happened.” She continued, “I feel so sad,the bottom line is I love Ice & I can understand why he’s upset theres no excuse for my actions.I’m so sorry baby & to evryone.”

I don’t know why everyone is so up in arms about this. Women take pictures of men nuzzling their necks and kissing them while hugging all the time. At least that’s what my girlfriend tells me. Robert Pattinson knows what I’m talking about.

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  • Kelvin

    But it’s fine for Ice to stand on stage chewing her boobs off in public? Ugh

    • the married moe

      Thats his old lady, and what THEY do is there business. Outsiders are forbidden. Straight up marriage code.

  • sven erlandson

    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays! (Coco/IceT, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Petraeus women, Givens/Pitt).

    My latest book, “I Steal Wives: A serial adulterer reveals the REAL reasons more and more ‘happily married’ women are cheating” is a powerful look at this EXPLOSIVE topic of female infidelity. Research shows its not only on the rise, but rivals or EXCEEDS that of male cheating. And the REAL reasons aren’t the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in the SECOND-HAND information of some psychologist’s self-help book.

    This book is the FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on female infidelity from the FIRST-HAND experience of a serial adulterer, who cheated with the wives/girlfriends of over 25 married men (and a few women), and who also happens to be a therapist (never cheated with clients) and has an eye for patterns in behavior, but more importantly, the core beliefs that drive behavior! The deep and powerful insights of this book will startle women and scare the holy hell out of men! And here’s a tip: Cheating always, always, always boils down to the exact same reason at the core: FEAR!

    “I Steal Wives” is a salacious, self-deprecating, at times funny, and penetratingly insightful look into what is now the very cutting-edge of relationships. It’s the relationship version of “How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar!” It will forever change how you do relationships and view life!

    Check it out now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!! It’s VERY POPULAR! People are loving it and it’s selling FAST!

    • The truth

      I is the only first hand accountant who adulterates…. And let me tell you, when adulteration is going down… so am I