JWoww Hosted Dusk Nightclub With Her Sideboobs | The Blemish

JWoww Hosted Dusk Nightclub With Her Sideboobs

By on February 25, 2013

JWoww’s claim to fame is appearing in that drunken mess of a reality show Jersey Shore and having comically large breasts. Naturally, she was a perfect fit for hosting Dusk nightclub at Caesar’s in Atlantic City.

And if stereotypes have taught me anything, it’s that the streets of Atlantic City are littered with girls like her stumbling out of clubs at 4 am in the morning and going home with whichever guy will pay for their taxi. Their idea of a fancy date is one where no collars have been popped.

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  • Cookiemonster

    Is that a scar on the sideboob?

  • Oscar The Grouch

    Nice implant scar, although as trashy cumdumpsters go, she’s fairly hot. Her destiny of giving me a handjob in Vegas was derailed by her lucky Jersey Shore break.

  • heywood

    That is just nasty