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Ex-WWE Star X-Pac Tore His Anus, Almost Died

By on March 26, 2013

Ex-WWE star X-Pac, real name Sean Waltman, underwent butt surgery Saturday night after tearing his anus in a freak accident during an indie wrestling match in Minneapolis.

Pac went to do his patented Bronco Buster, which might be the most homoerotic move in wrestling, when the other guy moved. He ended up nuts and ass on the ring’s turnbuckle.

According to Pac, he didn’t notice anything wrong at first and finished the match but something wasn’t sitting right with him at the after-party. He went to the bathroom and found a huge pool of blood in his singlet. He then called an ambulance.

He had butthole surgery, a sphincteroplasty, that night and was released Monday morning.

In related news, today I learned pro-wrestlers party in their costumes. Here’s a video of what happened.

The only thing I could think of after reading that description is this video by Don Hertzfeldt which sums up the situation perfectly.

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