Miley Cyrus Slipped Her Nipple During a Shoot | The Blemish

Miley Cyrus Slipped Her Nipple During a Shoot

By on January 7, 2014

Yesterday, outtakes from Miley Cyrus’ YOU Magazine shoot hit the net and no one would have really cared if it wasn’t for the fact that she slipped her nipple (links NSFW) in a few of the shots.

She can be seen posing in leathers, a tank, panties and overalls doing her usual IDGAF schtick. Such rebel. So middle fingers. Wow.

But back to her nipples. They look surprisingly normal. Granted, I’m not sure what I was expecting. Maybe instead of nips, a pair of kittens twerking or something.

Update: Images taken down by request.

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  • bobalouski

    She will end up back in the trailer park, eventually.

  • Jack B

    I think she should take the next trip to North Korea with Rodman…and stay there.