Anne Hathaway

During the filming of The Devil Wears Prada, Stanley Tucci couldn’t keep his elbow out of Anne Hathaway’s breasts. She claims it wasn’t because he was a dirty old man, he just likes to smack women in the boobs. Right and I’m not a stalker, I’m a people watcher.

There was this one day where he kept elbowing me in the breast. He wasn’t doing it to be like a dirty old man, but if we were doing a scene or I was just crossing to get to my mark (on the set) he would just smack me in my boob and elbow me. If you’re a girl you know that hurts. So, after about the fourth time, I finally turned to him and said: ‘Stanley can you please stay away from my tits?’

Stanley had the perfect line for when an old dirty man gets called for touching a girl’s breasts.

“Stanley got really flustered and he said: ‘What do you expect, you’re flinging those melons around like it’s harvest season!'”

Stanley, you are my hero. Turn it around and blame it on the person you’re molesting. I sometimes wish I was an actor instead of just being internationally known as a great lover. What other job in the world lets you go around elbowing girls in the breasts and not have to report to a “county judge”. Plus, the older you get, the less embarassed you need to act after someone calls you on it. Though, I have to admit these pictures make it pretty hard to resist.

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