Boobs for Charity: Twitter User Raised Half a Million Dollars for Australian Wildfire Relief by Selling Nudes

I don’t know if you’ve looked outside your window today, but if you live in Australia and you do that you might see a burning hellscape as the country is currently experiencing a wildfire that seems like it’s going to actually turn the country into Mad Max. And to make matters worse, Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister and if you thought Tony Abbott was an incompetent, heartless cunt then you’ve never met Scott Morrison.

Seriously, they’re mobilizing the military in a way they haven’t since WWII to fight these fires, it’s really grim.

While this was happening, a Twitter user by the name of “lilearthangelk” decided to help the only way she knew how: by showing everyone her butthole.

I mean, there are worse ideas than sending people pictures of your tater tots for every $10 donation they make to a charity. And boy was she successful. How successful? Well, before she closed her DMs, she had raised an estimated $500,000.

Not bad, honestly. And it was not without sacrifice on her part.

Yeah, Instagram took her account down because Instagram hates boobs, despite boobs being the only worthwhile thing on their entire platform.

I mean, yeah, I get it. You save some koalas, some human beings who have been displaced and you get to see those massive things swinging free.

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