Matt Damon is Captain Kirk

Matt Damon

Matt Damon, who my friend affectionately refers to as hairy crack Matt, has captured the interest of J.J. Abrams. So much so that Abrams is looking to cast Damon as a young Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movie he’s directing and producing. Abrams is so serious that he even went as far as asking William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, for his blessing which he indeed got.

The new Star Trek movie is said to center on Kirk and Spock’s early days in the Star Fleet Academy. So all you fans, dust off those uniforms, set your phasers on stun and glue on those Spock ears so you can once again hold your head up high as you brave through all the ridicule. Then when you get out of your parents’ house, go meet up with your fellow Trekkies to be ostracized one more time.

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The problem with common sense is that it isn’t that common anymore, as evidenced by the reaction’s to Matt’s completely common sense position.

is not up to you Erik, to say which type of sexual misconduct was “not as bad” and to establish if Dylan Farrow’s allegations are or aren’t true. Mansplaining sexual abuse to women, and given massive yet not surprising extent of what the #mettoo movement has shown to us. is safe to say all of us have been a victim of in one way or another. So no, not Damon nor you can explain to us was is “not as bad”. The women CK harassed have had their careers and lives derailed by his behaviour that you guys see as… Read more »

Saying that bad acts are on a continuum isn’t controversial at all. Saying this?

“I think you can say that while also saying that maybe what Louis C.K. did wasn’t as bad or even that the allegations that Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow probably aren’t true.”
Is complete horseshit. Louis C.K.’s shit is incredibly bad, and he completely deserves what’s happening to him. But above all, if you think that Woody Allen probably didn’t molest Dylan Farrow, you’re either completely misinformed (which at this point, for anyone in media, is gross negligence) or you’re a monstrous asshole. Period.

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