Matt Damon is Captain Kirk

Matt Damon, who my friend affectionately refers to as hairy crack Matt, has captured the interest of J.J. Abrams. So much so that Abrams is looking to cast Damon as a young Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movie he’s directing and producing. Abrams is so serious that he even went as far as asking William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, for his blessing which he indeed got.

The new Star Trek movie is said to center on Kirk and Spock’s early days in the Star Fleet Academy. So all you fans, dust off those uniforms, set your phasers on stun and glue on those Spock ears so you can once again hold your head up high as you brave through all the ridicule. Then when you get out of your parents’ house, go meet up with your fellow Trekkies to be ostracized one more time.

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