Sean Connery is still winning stuff

On Thursday, AFI honored 007 himself, Sean Connery, with its Lifetime Achievement Award. As he went up to the stage, he did a little jig. A jig that I would imagine could only be rivaled by the one Ashlee Simpson did on SNL. When Mike Myers went up to speak he said that his thick accent in Shrek was stolen from him. I’m not sure how one steals an accent, but I seem to recall a character in Austin Powers by the name of Fat Bastard who also had that same accent. No one brings up the good stuff in honorary speeches. That’s why, whenever I do mine, I like to do a little research on how I can most embarrass somebody. I can usually get five topics in before the groom kicks my ass.

Sir Sean Connery being weird at AFI.

Sean Connery Sean Connery Sean Connery Sean Connery


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