Sean Connery kicks ass

Sean Connery grew up in a two-bedroom, no bathroom house, pushed barrows for $2 a week at age 13 and at one point worked as a milkman before landing a breakout role as James Bond in 1962’s Dr. No. Because of this, Sean made it clear that his son, Jason, that he will not inherit any of his $17M and that he must make his own way without leeching off his dad.

But Miss Cilento, who was married to Connery for 11 years before their bitter divorce in 1973, said Connery’s determination to cut Jason off financially meant they had a difficult relationship.

She claims that at one stage Jason, who now works as an actor and film director, threatened to change his name after Connery accused him of cashing in on his father’s fame.

Australian-born Miss Cilento told the Sunday Times: ‘Sean said, “You only got this (acting) job because your name’s Connery.” ‘Jason said, “Well, I’ll change it to something else.” Sean said, “If you do that I’ll f****** kill you.”

They should do this to Paris Hilton and her socialite friends. There is no doubt in my mind that if this happens, they’d form a suicide pact and suffer through three failed suicide attempts before succeeding on the fourth — because they’re so dumb, you see.

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