Avril Lavigne is getting married

How cute, two punk rockers who aren’t really punk rockers are getting married. They’re going to have a traditional wedding this weekend.

Sources claim the couple moved the wedding date up by about a month because Lavigne might already be pregnant. The singer, who has said publicly she wants to have children, has reportedly been buying items for a nursery.

The age old question of if trolls can breed has been answered. Thank you Avril for furthering science. She is so punk rock to be pregnant and seem as if she’s getting drunk every night of the week. Anti-establishment dude! It’s kind of disturbing to imagine Deryck Whibley having sex. He looks like he has a perpetual bitter beer face like from the commercials. Who knows what his O face looks like. I get this feeling of a lot of sobbing from him after.

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16 years ago

how could you avril you sed to me ( i think ) that you were going to marrie me

12 years ago

avril lavigne is a bitch and a good singer because I thought that she never geting married