Joe Francis is a girl

What’s more embarassing than being punched in the eye by a girl? Being filmed whining to the police about being punched in the eye by a girl then having police cars and firetrucks come just to have you stop crying in front of your friends house party. This is what happened to Joe Francis, the creator of Girls Gone Wild. X17 has got the video.

You can see Joe start throwing a hissy fit over being hit in the eye and telling the police to arrest the woman. He later calms down and says it’s a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that resulted in a girl hitting him in the eye. It’s safe to assume that she was wearing brass knuckles because Joe needed an ice pack and there’s simply no other reason for a guy to ice his eye after being punched by a girl. He then drives off with his friend. Probably to shoot more naked girls, have sex in his vault of cash and do other things that make men hate him.

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17 years ago

joe francis is such a sissy. i went to grade school with him and his older sister, babette, in newport beach , ca. he was always getting beat-up, sand kicked in his face and he got in trouble quite often for perv-ing out the little boys room. he was always crying and bubbering like a girl. i don’t care how much money he has, people still can’t stand him, people still hit him and make him cry. i suppose he thought with all his money now, he’d make-up for all his younger years. but guess what? he is still joe… Read more »

16 years ago

It’s true! Joe Francis went to Catholic school with me in Newport Beach and was a complete nut that no one wanted to be friends with. People were so mean to him because he was so weird and I think that’s why he turned out the way he did. He had no friends and was getting made fun of and hurt constantly. He was always crying but then right after in everyone’s face acting like a freak. He has serious mental problems that his parents never addressed. His mom would bring McDonald’s to the school and try to bribe boys… Read more »