Micky Rourke lost a finger

There are those normal crazy Hollywood types and then there are those crazy crazy Hollywood types. Mickey Rourke would be crazy crazy. Star Pulse is reporting Mickey Rourke cut off his own finger because he thought he didn’t want it.

“I cut my little finger off because I thought I didn’t want it. I was angry about something so I decided I didn’t need the end of the little finger on my left hand. I didn’t cut it off completely – it was still hanging on a tendon – and an English friend, Gary, carefully carried the end of it as we went to hospital to try to rectify the situation. It took the surgeon eight hours to sew it back on. I still can’t bend it properly.”

So instead of punching the wall or getting drunk, he deals with anger by cutting off parts of his fingers. I don’t think he thought this all the way through. How exactly is he going to pick his ass if his right pinky ever got injured?

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