Beyonce Knowles diets smart

To quickly lose 20 lbs for her role in Dreamgirls, Beyonce went on a maple syrup diet. There are tons of diets out there and she choses a maple syrup diet.

“The funniest part was putting the weight back on and eating my doughnuts and all the other things,” she said. “So now I’m back to my body. I’m very conscious of being a curvy woman and I’m very happy that I am a curvy woman.”

Putting on weight by stuffing your face with doughnuts and pixie sticks is pretty healthy. Next time she can just mainline sugar into her body and not worry about all that chewing. Maybe she can get together with Nicole Richie and swap tips. Although, Nicole Richie’s tips would include gastric bypass surgery and enemas which don’t don’t sound as appealing as maple syrup and doughnuts.

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