Christina Aguilera is the bigger man

Christina Aguilera has been said to have put the feud between her and Britney Spears behind her. Here’s a little history. Aguilera called Britney and Kevin’s wedding cheap and said she had let herself go during her pregnancy. Britney refused to invite Christina to her and Kevin’s nuptials and called her “dark”. From this I gather Christina is observant and Britney is simple minded.

She said: “A lot of people compared us because we were the same age out there in the same market but that’s all moving on now.

“What she does is nobody’s business but her own. And the same goes for me.”

Christina didn’t put this feud behind her. She won this feud. The winner was declared when Britney became pregnant and turned into a parody. All the while, people still want pictures of Christina in see through clothes for the thousandth time. I remember the days when everyone was clamoring for one good shot of Britney Spears’ nipple. The collective male population silently weeps when reminiscing about this.

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