Fergie is not so hot

Stacy Ferguson is the Leprechaun

I don’t care what anyone else says. Stacy Ferguson looks hideous. I have no idea what happened, but over the past few years it looks like someone took a hammer and chisel to her face and went to town. The bad part of town. She used to be known for having the best abs in the world. Now she’s known for scaring children and eating cats. And when people start mistaking you for the Leprechaun, it’s time to lay off the meth and think twice about using those plastic surgery coupons you get in the mail. Impersonating him won’t help you find his pot of gold.

Stacy FergusonStacy FergusonStacy FergusonStacy FergusonStacy Ferguson

  • Michael Abernoff

    You’re full of it! FERGIE is a hottie! Get some glasses!

  • Chris


  • Diesel

    I agree. Nasty biatch!

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