Fergie could be pregnant or fat


Pictures snapped of Fergie leaving a sushi restaurant have sparked rumors of her womb possibly giving way to a demon spawn. It could be yet another Pop Fiction prank or it could be a sign of the apocalypse. Who would impregnate this leprechaun? Is it worth it just to find a pot of gold? Gold which may or may not be completely made of mouth-watering milk chocolate?

  • tvf

    Considering she was leaving a sushi restaurant, I’m gonna guess she’s not pregnant. Knocked up chicks aren’t supposed to eat sushi.

  • ashley

    you apparently have never been to a sushi restaurant-they serve cooked food as well and some sushi rolls are not raw at all.

  • capt Cornhole

    Her face looks like a steamed grouper sushi roll. All puffy and fat!

    She just needs flecks of seasame seed stuck to her mug to make it a complete meal!

  • Clit Chopper

    Who really gives a shit?!?!?!?!?


  • larry

    she gained weight for role in movie upcoming movie.
    she’s a babe, and talented.

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