Tyra Banks wants to see my erection

For a taping of the Tyra Banks Show, Tyra is looking for an audience that is comfortable sitting in only their underwear.

Big, small, short, tall, as long as you dont mind stripping down to your skivies Tyra wants you there. Acceptable dress is bra and panties, boxers and a tanktop, or slips; but NO PAJAMAS this is an UNDERWEAR show.

You mean I can sit in my underwear and ogle Tyra Banks and not go to jail? I can only see a few problems with this. One. They have an issue with my erection being too big and distracting. Believe me. This happens often. Two. Every other guy in the audience is also sporting wood. Awkward. Three. I accidentally end up at the taping for The View. Kill me.

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17 years ago

Tyra says she wants to be just like Oprah, but her talkshow has been nothing but a sleaze fest from the beginning. Thank God Oprah has some class.

16 years ago

I’m glad there’s someone like Tyra out there! :)