Zach Braff beats up little kids

Zach Braff

There is unseen footage from an episode of Punk’d in 2005 where Zach Braff gets his Porsche graffitied by some kids. After reading this, Zach Braff has won some awesome points for beating up a 12 year old.

“(Then) we go outside and these little kids were spray painting the car. I think that my brand new car with, like, 100 miles on it has been ruined with spray paint graffiti. They choreographed the whole thing and I wasn’t supposed to catch the kid, but I caught him… and I’m not a big fighter or anything, but, with the adrenaline and everything, I just started pummeling him.”

That kid is lucky Zach Braff was the one doing the beating. From what I can tell from his movies and Scrubs, the pummeling could be more accurately described as flailing and clawing.

I’m not sure what I would do if I caught some kids spray painting my new Porsche. I’d probably assign them to community service to teach them respect, love and understanding because children are our future.

  • Lauren

    He did?! Lol, awesome, the kid deserved it. That kid was older than they thought he was… he looked about 13 or 12. Old enough to know right from wrong, and to take a big ol’ can o [email protected]$$ from Braff.

    • Fuck you

      The kid was an actor, you halfwit.

  • Terzho

    fuck you

  • Kalongbrake

    it wasnt real tard he obviously didnt known that but the kid didnt deserve to have his ass kicked

  • Drunk Tank?

    • Saruto

      Yeah yeah yeah

    • Nrthstar

      Drunk tank.

    • SuperGusmathpowers

      Tanko de drunko. And yeah, kid was lucky. There are a lot of people who would’ve killed him. I’d have punched him a few times and called the cops. Because the kid that sprays a porsche is not our future.

  • HisInnerSelf

    Drunk Tank, or more accurately, Rooster Teeth Podcast.  And yeah I doubt Zach did anymore then hit him a few times before the crew stopped it but spraying a brand new porsche deserves a few hits if you thought it was real.

  • Gravity defying drunk

    Druuunk tankshthth.

  • S13rra117

    Honestly, in Zachs defense I would have beat the living crap outta that kid. He had no idea, and was probably quite angry at that moment.
    I would have put the kid in a hospital outta anger….

  • Coleman

    anybody who says they wouldn’t attempt to, or think about beating up a kid spray painting your new sports car is lying…

  • dr.dontgiveafuck

    i was hoping for a video 

  • Sexy bitch

    Yeah we allll know they said this on the drunk tank….. Shut the hell up

  • Bonerfart

    Kid totally deserved it. also what a lame shitty ending to the article: “I’d probably assign them to community service to teach them respect, love and understanding because children are our future.”

  • toemasie .

    What’s wrong beating up someone who destroys your property?

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