More reasons to watch Heroes

Heroes is one of the top series this season and Monday’s episode was another reason why. If you’re waiting for more reasons to watch, I can give you a couple. First, Hayden Panettiere is in it which is cool because I can barely figure out how to spell her last name. Second, Hayden Panettiere likes “the shocker” and any cute girl who loves “the shocker” is more than deserving of my attention. And that’s something I don’t just hand out like candy. I mean, it’s a pretty important fact…oh look, pretty birdie. Where was I? Oh yea, most…erotic…autopsy…ever.

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16 years ago

Hayden definitely has a thing for the boobies… that second autopsy photo not only has the tongue going but she’s giving her nips a press as well.
How can there be homos in the world when gorgeous girls like this exist???