No one likes Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s Saturday concert in Hong Kong has been canceled due to poor ticket sales and the performer’s unreasonable demands. Promoters say they ran a substantial advertising campaign, but only managed to sell 4,000 tickets. They declined to comment on what these unreasonable demands were so it’s up to me to play the guessing game.

We have seen Mariah requiring a personal straw holder for her drinks and also praising purple foods. My powers of deduction lead me to believe Mariah Carey requested someone to wipe her ass after giving her an enema. She may have also needed a foot long stick to replace the one currently up her ass.

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A Grown Up
A Grown Up
16 years ago

Wow. I REALLY think you might need some therapy or something. You’re doling out all this negative, hateful venom on a perfectly NICE, WARM, FRIENDLY person for NO other reason than clearly you need to feel better about yourself. That’s really NOT healthy… And um FYI – she sold 85% of the contracted 20,000 seat capacity in less than 2 days – with a week and a half left to go before the scheduled date. A word of advice you might want to keep in mind in all facets of your life; do TRY to get your FACTS straight before… Read more »

Jake Jack
Jake Jack
14 years ago
Reply to  A Grown Up

Wow, your an idiot. Why are you getting so offended by what that user posted about Mariah Carey? Maybe if Mariah Carey did not act like such a bitch with ridiculous demands, people would have better feelings towards her.

16 years ago

haha, dude, he called you a bitch.