Paris got punched in the face

My wildest dreams have come true. Shanna Moakler has done what many have imagined doing for years. She has punched Paris Hilton in the face. The incident happened around 1 AM at club Hyde. Paris has filed a police report for battery at LAPD’s Hollywood division. In return, Shanna alleges that Stavros Niarchos poured a drink over her head and pushed her down some stairs.

Elliot Mintz, Paris’ publicist, tells TMZ that his client was at Hyde nightclub Wednesday night and at approximately 1:10 a.m. she says she was approached by Shanna, who allegedly began screaming obscenities at her. Hilton says at that point Moakler struck her in the jaw with a closed fist as she continued to shout profanities. Mintz says Moakler was restrained and several people helped Paris exit Hyde. Mintz says Hilton never touched Moakler.

One can only hope Shanna had proper footing and turned her hips into it. Either way, it’s awesome and Shanna should get a service award of some kind. The only issue I have is that no one caught it on camera for Sports Center to do slo-mo replays of. The picture above is of her and her publicist, Elliot Mintz, going to the police station to file a police report.

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15 years ago

Too bad she didn’t hit her hard enough to knock the ugly off of her. Of course you’d need a back hoe to acomplish that monumental task.

Ooh I used hoe in a statement about Paris Hilton…how original of me!

15 years ago


My dreams have come true.

15 years ago

shannon is just jeaolous. she is a hooker. i like paris. It is not her fault men want to be with her.

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