This Playboy Model is Showing Off After Her Stomach Reconstruction

The miracles of modern medical science seem to never end. Which it really should considering even drugs that have been around for a century are completely unaffordable today. But look what it’s done for mother of three and Playboy model Shanna Moakler.

That’s her at 44 years and after three kids, two with the drummer from Blink-182 and one with Oscar de la Hoya, so, you know, she’s got some miles on her.

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Ok ten year challenge, I’ll see your ten and raise you 14! ( this adds up to 24 its a poker term ) 😂 this is my actual swimsuit from #missusa I’m actually 35lbs heavier now and I think it’s all in my boobs! 😂😂😂don’t worry Im not trying to be 19 again I like where I’m at! however I’m also almost at the 3 month mark from my #mommymakeover with @leifrogersmd again I’ll be doing a YouTube vid on it allllll but yes I am very happy with my results! My stomach muscles are actually where they are suppose to be! I got the ok to go back to the gym which I started doing and I know it will just get better with time! Many say 3 to 6 months! Thanks for everyone supporting me through it! ❤️*please note my mommy makeover wasn’t for weight loss I did that with @davidallennutrition this was to repair recti diastasis

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Diastasis Recti is like, a tear in your abdomen that can happen during pregnancy and it never heals, and her kids are like teenagers now.

So that’s crazy, look at what your mother had to go through so you look at sexy women on Instagram and then slip off for a “bathroom break.”

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Alright guys I am 5 weeks post op! I am starting to see a difference, still really swollen and some discoloration from bruising but all the lumps and weird pockets by my scar are gone and that makes me really happy, as that was what really bothered me, even though I hid it really well 😂 I’m still wearing compression garment for another three weeks! It’s been a long recovery but I feel a ton better, I have more energy and I can’t wait till I get the ok to get back to the gym…. I’ can also stand up straighter! I will be doing a whole YouTube video on this and posting before and after a once I’m fully recovered! Ty @leifrogersmd and your team for being so wonderful! #thankful #mommymakeover #tummytuck

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She basically looks the same as she did in her prime as a model.

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