Britney knows how to sell a sex tape

Everyone may remember talk about a Britney Spears / Kevin Federline sex tape that Kevin was using to either blackmail Britney or sell to the highest bidder. The news now is Britney might release the tape for free. Possibly on MySpace. And possibly rocketing her to marketing genius.

Kevin huffed that the tape is four hours long while Britney says it’s closer to 45 minutes. I tend to believe Britney because we all know Kevin can’t last a combined four hours. I’m surprised there’s even 45 minutes of sex and not just 1 minute of K-Fed wide-eyed shooting his wad as Britney starts to undress.

The picture is of Britney and a tranny at Tao. Some people say that’s Paris Hilton. They’re wrong, that is most definitely a tranny.

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