What the hell is that? It looks like some botched plastic surgery. Like Beyonce’s face is about to slide off. Jesus that’s kind of gross. I’ve seen less ripples on a bulldog.

In less disgusting (but not by much) related news, people are saying Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting married this weekend during Jay-Z’s four day surprise birthday party.

But insiders said the guests will also be ferried over to Anguilla for the wedding at Cap Juluca, a five-star resort with Moorish villas. Another spy said Knowles and Jay-Z had toured the site earlier this year and approved it for their nuptials.

Lucky for Beyonce her hair and veil will cover up that monstrosity she calls a temple. Maybe the surprise will be she’s really a man. Could explain the thighs and why she’s so into Jay-Z or as he’s so affectionately known by many, the ugliest rapper on Earth.

Thanks to Too Tall for the tip and creeping me out and the image source. A little larger pic when you click on the banner.

Update: Sexy Jennifer pointed out it’s part of her wig. She still creeps me out though.

Update 2: So I guess that’s why some people tag their pics.