Miss USA could be a little tramp

More news has come out about why Miss USA Tara Conner could be stripped of her title. Worried friends are reporting that 20-year-old Conner has been out late partying and drinking with a plethora of men while skipping some mandatory events that come with her title.

“She’s working her way through New York’s nightlife promoters and club owners,” said one ex-boyfriend. “The problems are . . . the going out late at night, not caring about the title and not being a role model, not showing up for things.”

The pageant is now evaluating Tara Conner’s behavioral and personal issues to see if she is fit to hold the Miss USA title. Conner has been spotted at a slew of clubs in a district notorious for underage drinking. All in all she’s a pretty good influence.

And she regularly hits the clubs with an even younger friend – her 18-year-old roommate Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA.

On the other hand, Conner’s mother remains oblivious and says nothing is going on. Conner herself says to not believe the news.

“People have nothing better to do than to talk about you and the rumors just get bigger as they get told”

Miss USA. Worthy of her crown in so many ways. The judges must have seen something special in this one. It could have been the twinkle in her eye or her willingness to sleep with every one of them. All I know is this could be the sexiest Miss USA ever. Miss America eat your heart out.

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