Tara Conner keeps her crown

In the ongoing saga that is Miss USA, Donald Trump has made his decision regarding the fate of Tara Conner. Despite her cocaine use, underage drinking, public displays of lesbianism and everything else that makes America what it is, Donald Trump has allowed Tara to keep her crown. Trump explains:

She left a small town in Kentucky and she was telling me that she got caught up in the whirlwind of New York. It’s a story that has happened many times before to many women and many men who came to the Big Apple. They wanted their slice of the Big Apple and they found out it wasn’t so easy.

Tara Conner couldn’t believe she got a second chance and is said to be entering rehab. She told trump,

You’ll never know what this means to me, and I swear I will not let you down.

I’m shocked. A pretty girl getting another chance? How often does this happen? All in all, I think this was a smart move. Pretty girls need someone to look up to. Who else is gonna teach them how to eat out another girl and that it’s alright to be promiscuous? If you think about it, this will do more good than bad.

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