No one likes Britney Spears

After leaving a Lakers game where she was booed, Britney Spears headed to club 40 Deuce where she whored it up.

In between acts, Brit jumped on stage, cigarette in-mouth, unzipped her top to reveal her bra, and danced for the crowd until the manager stepped in and took her off the stage.

Oh, but it didn’t stop there. Not one for rejection, Britney went up on stage again causing her to be thrown off a second time. She then headed to the bar where she sipped on champagne mixed with Coca-Cola. Such a class act.

Britney Spears is just a complete and utter mess. She could teach her baby to swim by throwing it in a crocodile infested swamp and it would improve her image more than this. At least she would be spending time with her kid. By now Sean Preston and Jayden James have turned feral and are rooting through people’s garbage just to survive.

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