Paris might be engaged

In probably the easiest to answer question of the month, Page Six asks “are Paris and Stavros engaged or is she pulling a publicity stunt?” Hilton arrived Monday with Stavros Niarchos at Stacey Bendet’s “Black & White” dinner wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. The ring suspiciously resembled the one she claimed Paris Latsis gave her.

The obvious answer is this is a publicity stunt or it’s Paris being an idiot. There’s actually a 100% chance both of these answers are true. They just don’t come dumber than this girl. You could go through the motion of putting a condom on and all you’d have to tell her is it’s one of those new invisible condoms. Then when she starts crying that she’s pregnant just scream at her, “You cheated on me? You slut!” And she’ll have no answer to that because she probably did so you should get an std test right away. Next time put on two invisible condoms dumbass.

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17 years ago

How long until she calls off the engagement?

17 years ago

Who would marry THAT porn star?