Disney doesn’t like comics

Sinful comics created a comic depicting Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean fame having a threesome with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Obviously, Disney is not happy about this and is considering taking the publisher to court. Part of the comic can be seen uncensored here (NSFW).

I took a long hard look at it and that’s not an accurate depiction of Keira Knightley, no way. Her boobs are ten times larger and her jaw is more feminine and she’s missing her boyish body. You can’t fool me. Another illustration has Keira sitting on top of Davy Jones. Yes, that’s right. Hot and steamy tentacle porn. God bless those artists.

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17 years ago

So Disney’s upset about the Keira Knightley cartoon porn that Sinful Comics created for a comic strip? Guess they don’t want the kiddies to see the Pirates gang in an orgy of any kind. Its funny, but those cartoonists over at Sinful Comics could be in some real trouble over this one. Last I knew those characters were trademarked by Disney. Another forum has posted that the big free video porn site (NSFW) has a copy of the comic strip online. Their servers might be overloaded because the site just hangs right now. According to the forum you have… Read more »