Nicole Richie goes to fat camp

In the fourth season of The Simple Life, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton will be camp counselors at fat camp. E! describes it as a wellness camp focused on eating right, yoga, nutrition and exercise. Where fat people go. This is just one of the five camps they will be counseling.

This will be good for Nicole too. Have you seen her lately? She’s a pudgy mess. She should be doing commercials for Michelin tires, not counseling fat asses. What is she, in the triple digits now? I want to throw up just thinking about it.

Paris and tubs herself filming The Simple Life.

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16 years ago

This is funny news. Two skinny girls working in the fat camp. They’ll just make all those fat women insecure.

16 years ago

waitaminute, I don’t understand. I thought Nicole Richie was bulimic, what’s she doing being a camp counselor? She looks pretty skinny to me in those pics you have