No one likes Elisha Cuthbert

Ads in LA and New York for Elisha Cuthbert’s upcoming movie Captivity are being taken down today. Concerned citizens with nothing better to do complained about the ads which feature images of Elisha being tortured and killed.

The billboards, first posted March 13, feature four frames with captions above each one. “Abduction” shows Cuthbert with a gloved hand over her face; “Confinement” features the actress behind a chain-link fence with a bloody finger poking through; “Torture” depicts Cuthbert’s face, covered in white gauze, with tubes shoved up her nose; and “Termination” shows her with her head thrown back, seemingly dead.

Lions Gate passed the buck to After Dark Films saying they were responsible for the marketing. After Dark says the billboards were an accident. A sexy accident. The CEO Courtney Solomon said the wrong files were sent to the printer who passed it on to the billboard company without approval. She also noted the billboards were not an accurate depiction of the film’s message of female empowerment. Courtney even goes on to mention how they pussied out and “reshot the ending so the main character ends up in as much of a positive situation as the situation could allow.”

The retarded upright citizens brigade strikes again. Here’s some posters from the movie just because. I like how they squash Elisha Cuthbert’s boobs against the glass. Take out the dirt and suffocation and it kind of reminds me of a high school car wash. A very titillating high school car wash.

The “female empowerment” billboard via Defamer. After Dark gave themselves a 2 p.m. deadline to remove the ads.

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