Paris Hilton lost interest

Warner Music has told everybody but Paris Hilton that they are not interested in working on a second album with her and she is to be dropped from the label real soon. Warner feels Paris won’t care as she is content to get “fucked in the butt for coke” rather than pursue a music career. Their words, not mine.

You have to give Paris some credit. Despite having severe ADD and failing at life, she single-handedly redefined what retards are capable of. It used to be they’d just run marathons in mock Olympics or accidentally break the neck of some small furry animal. These days they can cut a record, attempt to model, star in their own pornos and be rich coke whores. They’ve come so far.

Here’s some pictures of El Gigante shopping with Elisha Cuthbert over the weekend. The third picture is awesome. It looks like some freak show.

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luv blemish on my face
luv blemish on my face
16 years ago

thats man-hands, baby!