Lindsay Lohan breaks Paris Hilton

The saline in Paris Hilton’s new boobs might have leaked and gone to her brain judging by her behavior at Les Deux last Friday. According to NYDN, Paris and sister Nicky were “adequately” served at the bar,

“But as Paris was about to leave, she started saying ‘firecrotch’ to herself – but loudly – so everyone around her could hear,” says the fellow clubgoer. “And she wasn’t saying it to anybody – she was all by herself. She was practically chanting it!”

That’s pretty creepy. I read somewhere thrill killers start out this way. It makes sense if you think about it. Remember Carrie? The girl people pretended to like so they could dump pig’s blood on her? Don’t see the connection? Well, replace pig’s blood with semen. Ooooh, the light bulb went off, didn’t it?

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Jinxy McDeath
Jinxy McDeath
17 years ago

Just another beak faced freak, with filthy ears. Why are her ears painted s**t brown? The least of her problems are chanting about Blohan.

17 years ago

He is such a jerk !!