Britney and Ryan Phillippe?

Britney Spears

The National Enquirer reports on a bathroom hook-up between Ryan Phillippe and Britney Spears at Les Deux. The two met in the VIP lounge on May 16 when Ryan came over to say hi. The two had a few drinks and started groping and kissing.

“After several of Ryan’s buddies joined them at Britney’s table, Ryan excused himself and went into the nearby men’s room,” said the source. “On the spur of the moment, Britney followed. Alarmed, Britney’s bodyguards began pounding and screaming on the door. With no response from her, they went ballistic. “After calling out to Britney several more times asking if she was OK, they busted in the door and found Britney and Ryan groping and kissing each other,” said the insider.”

Take this story for what you will. Ryan Phillippe has been rumored to be with his co-star Abbie Cornish. It could be this insider is Britney and she thought she was making out with Ryan Phillippe when she was really making out with a cheesecake. Now Britney thinks she’s pregnant. Last I checked, humans can’t give birth to roast beef and king crab legs.

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