Chloe Sevigny is no Paris Hilton

A reporter tried to pay Chloe Sevigny a compliment by telling her she’s sexier than the socialite Paris Hilton. She didn’t seem to like that too much and responded,

“Well, I don’t find trashy sexy, so I’ll try to take that as a compliment.”

This is the same girl who starred in the Brown Bunny. Who, against the advice of everybody around her, sucked off Vincent Gallo on camera because she trusted his “vision.” This would be like me making fun of a homeless guy while I rooted through the dumpster to find dinner. Clearly there’s a difference. He lives in a box. I live in a crack house. Keyword: house.

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DIC Celebrity Gossip
DIC Celebrity Gossip
16 years ago

Somehow, Hayden Panettiere snapping at some pap for mistaking her for Lindsay Lohan makes a lot more sense. This Chloe Sevigny dissing Paris Hilton thing doesn’t. So what if Chloe is a real actress? They both sucked a guy off on cam, so there’s not much difference between them.