Guy kills himself because of Colin Farrell

Two months after Colin Farrell and Muireann McDonnell began dating, Muireann’s ex, John Knight, was so distraught he killed himself.

Following their split at Christmas, John briefly hooked up with another girl.

Farrell met Muireann when he went to a party at a bar in Dalkey, near Dublin – opposite the gourmet food store where she worked.

A pal of John’s said: “They must have hit it off immediately. They began to go out. John was devastated.”
The former altar boy was found dead in February at his home. He had just finished his college exams – and the day before had joined pals to watch Ireland’s rugby clash with France.

Obviously the guy knew what he was up against. The unbuttoned shirt and the hankie on Colin’s head is like catnip to the ladies. Girls always have a pirate fantasy. Which is a joke if you ask me. Once you bring out that sword, they always freak out. Luckily, part of the role-playing involved tying their limbs to the bed. Safe word? What safe word?

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17 years ago

Colin looks like a douche bag.

17 years ago

haha he cut out a piece of table cloth and wrapped it around his fat head