Kirsten Dunst Left Garrett Hedlund Because She’s Super in Love With Colin Farrell

Ok. Whatever Kirsten Dunst. Up and leaving your boyfriend Garrett Hedlund of five years for Colin Farrell. Nice.

Per Wednesday’s issue of Star: 

According to a source at a low-key LA gym, Kirsten Dunst has been meeting up with Colin Farrell behind Garrett Hedlund’s back.

“Kirsten and Colin have shown up together a few times and sometimes he picks her up after her private sessions,” spills the spy, noting that Farrell often waits for the actress in the parking lot looking like the cat who ate the canary.

“If they really are just working out together, why act so secretive about it?” a source asked.


Let’s be real. Kirsten and Colin have probably been banging for months. This also came out before Garrett and Kirsten made their split public, which means it is probably definitely 100% real. Kirsten and Colin are 100% totally in love and will have a beautiful wedding.

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8 years ago

And how does this story make Colin’s Asian girl friend feel? This is reprehensible to publish a story when you can only quote a “source”.

Guillaume Meunier
Guillaume Meunier
8 years ago
Reply to  amnistyann

I think this is a betclick article. The story with Colin and Kirsten is well known and a friendly relationship can exist… This is disrepectful assuming Kirsten and Colin are more than firends without any proof.