Colin Farrell Is in Rehab to Avoid a Relapse

Normally when a Hollywood star checks themself into a $36k-a-month rehab facility, it’s because they just caught doing some s**t. The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona is where Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey checked themselves into after it came out that they were serial sexual harassers. It’s like day camp for the entertainment industry’s worst people.

Colin Farrell is bucking this trend and he’s checked himself into rehab before he did something terrible and fucked his career up beyond repair, which takes a lot of foresight. According to The Daily Mail, Farrell was afraid he might relapse and he checked himself into the swanky treatment facility preemptively.

A source close to the star tells that Farrell became ‘overwhelmed’ following a busy year having completed three back to back films and began getting ‘urges’ to start ‘using’ again.

The star decided to seek professional help before he went to a ‘bad place’, the source added.

‘We all know that Colin is an addict, he’s had 12 years of sobriety,’ the source said. ‘He was overwhelmed for the past year and the urges started to come back with being so busy at work and he felt, eventually, out of control and thought maybe he should get ahead of it before he starts using again.

It’s smart, if you think about it. I’m unironically happy for him getting a handle on things before he relapses and goes all Margot Kidder in the Hollywood Hills. But what will Farrell be doing to battle his demons?

Farrell will be able to take part in horse riding, yoga, Tai chi, acupuncture and ‘mindfulness meditation’ at the clinic.

The impressive facility boasts a fitness center, a swimming pool and relaxation areas.

The center runs a 45-day treatment program for addicts called the ‘Gentle Path’ under which patients undergo counseling and ‘expressive arts’ to try and deal with their issues.

I told you it was adult day camp. This was Kevin Spacey’s punishment for forcing himself on a 14-year-old and grabbing every dick in sight on the set of House of Cards, by the way. Oh, and that sex addict treatment Harvey Weinstein didn’t even take seriously? Same place. I’m told the issue is Harvey didn’t want to go swimming with his shirt off unless the facility shipped in some aspiring actresses he could force to watch.

Of course, Farrell seems serious about staying sober and being kept away from temptations to relapse and in an environment where he can relax and not deal with the stresses that make him want to use again is probably just what he needs. Farrell is 12 years sober, and hopefully he’ll get his head in the right place and stay sober for another 12.

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Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder
3 years ago

For your stupid information, I was NOT on drugs or alcohol when I went crazy all those years ago in LA. I am manic depressive and was coming down from a serious manic episode. You are idiots. The mentally ill are human beings, just like you – surprise, surprise. We are simply missing. or have a surfeit of, certain neurotransmittors or neuroreceptors in our brains. If you don’t understand any of this, or any of the words I have used, you sleazy idiots, look the references up. Or are you all too stupid?
Margot Kidder

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