No one likes Britney Spears

When Britney Spears held a surprise concert at Mansion in Miami last Saturday, people were less than thrilled. Turns out, Britney’s comeback tour hasn’t been going so well. Page Six says,

The crowd, full of “trannies and gay guys,” according to our spy, sneered at “those hideous white go-go boots and ratty extensions.” One particularly unimpressed audience member: Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone, who told our source, “My sister would never go onstage looking like that.”

I also have a list of people who wouldn’t go on stage like that. Martin Luther King Jr. is on it. He was never a fan of hair extensions. Though he did enjoy his white go-go boots. He told me to always be prepared for a dance off and he also told me about his dream. I sort of tuned out by then. I think it was about being equals. Oh man, was he hitting on me?

Here’s Britney Spears performing at Mansion.

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16 years ago

She looks like a PIG !

Sarcasm Rox
Sarcasm Rox
16 years ago

Dont insult a PIG please !