Paris might serve far less than 45 days

Paris Hilton

The LA County Sheriff’s department are changing their tune, saying Paris may not spend all 45 days in jail. Due to sudden overcrowding and state law, her sentence could be reduced to less than half. Michelle Rodriguez who was sentenced last year to 60 days in jail  ended up spending less than 24 hours.

“She will be treated like any other inmate who’s classified as a low-level security risk,” Whitmore said. “There are a series of issues that will come into play here, including her criminal history, the nature of the offense and the population of the facility.”
Using those and other factors “the decision will be made as she is booked into the jail,” Whitmore said. “We do this with every single inmate.”

If Paris spends only 2 hours in jail, I expect rioting on the streets and a lot of protesters chanting “keep that skank in the tank.” Then I expect someone to throw a George Foreman grill at her head. I’m also fine with no riots and just throwing the grill. In fact, from now on every time she does an interview, I’ll hit her with one. Well, maybe not. Those things are heavy. I’ll probably throw hammers then. Yes. Hammers would do fine.

Paris HiltonParis HiltonParis HiltonParis Hilton

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