Tyra Banks is a Spartan

Us Magazine interviewed Martin Snow who trains that fatty Tyra Banks. Martin says he makes Tyra throw medicine balls and hit a tire with a sledgehammer among other workouts. Um, is Tyra Banks a Spartan?

US: What is a typical routine?
MS: I bring her over to the park. We will do some warm-ups, some running drills, a parachute run, where I put a parachute around her and she runs with it. We will do some medicine work where she will take heavy medicine balls and run and chase after them, and throw them at at different angles. We challenged these guys to handball but they punked out. A game like handball is great. And then we do kettle bells. I bring them out to the park. They are fantastic tools. For women, they are awesome. They target the core and you can do it every day. She is getting a pair for home and for work.

US:How often does she workout?
MS: She comes in around three times a week now. And each time it’s different. We will take these old tractor tires and she will swing sledgehammers. We do bags filled with sand. And of course the boxing.

Kettle bells? Parachute runs? Handball? What the hell is this. Instead of wheezing at me, is she planning to chase me down and beat me up the next time I call her a fatty? Because all of this looks like the abridged version of the Gym Jones work out. Whatever. I bet that fatty still can’t catch me. I’m like the Gingerbread Man and I’ve been known to be twice as tasty. Pics of Tyra in a green bikini after the jump.

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16 years ago

What a routine that is man !! Awesome..

16 years ago

Lovely photos !!