Britney Spears dates drug counselor

The National Enquirer reports Britney has been dating her drug counselor / real estate developer, John Sundahl and her mother couldn’t be any more thrilled. They first met at his house to discuss the twelve step program, but it soon turned into Britney mauling him like a chocolate Easter bunny.

“Britney and John ended up making out beside the pool – and Britney acted like she didn’t care who saw her. She’s got no shame.”

I’d hate to make out with Britney. The first thing you notice when she opens her mouth are the pieces of popcorn stuck in her teeth. Sticking your tongue in her would be like sticking your tongue in a blend of ham, ice cream and Cheetos. In fact, why don’t you just do that. It seems a lot safer and you don’t have to worry about Britney accidentally eating you.

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Louise Chu
Louise Chu
16 years ago

I see the two love birds all the time around town. It is sick how the two hang on each other. Neither has any shame.

16 years ago

so unless she not kissing k-fart she not dating a loser like k-fart and find someone to love and someone will care about her