Foxy Brown beat up by hookers

Foxy Brown was attacked yesterday by three girls. They pulled out her weave, her hearing aid and stole her $500 LV purse. Later, police discovered these girls were hookers who worked for her ex-boyfriend pimp, Roshawn Anthony, whom she had earlier dumped.

“This ex-boyfriend called some of his women, and they pounced on her,” another police source said. “They beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess – and that seems to be what she cared about most.”

They say pimping ain’t easy, but I think that’s a complete lie. All you do is sit there and collect money and stab Johns who don’t pay. Occasionally, you send your girls to beat your ex because you’re angry and rough them up a little to keep them in check. It’s so easy even a caveman could do it. He probably saves money on car insurance too.

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The Minister
The Minister
16 years ago

Aaaah ha ha ha…who the hell is Foxy Brown?