Foxy Brown could get 1 year in jail

In jail for the past month, Foxy Brown returned to court and told the judge that the experience has “humbled me in a way I never imagined.” Meaning, jail sucks. However, the judge said it was “too little, too late” and vowed to throw her in jail for one year if he determines she violated probation.

Jackson noted that Brown has been arrested three times and violated her probation repeatedly since she pleaded guilty last year to hitting a manicurist in a midtown Manhattan salon.

“My dear, you stand in this position because of your own doing,” the judge said.

New York doesn’t seem as forgiving as Los Angeles at letting celebrities free. New York probably doesn’t understand their plight. They are the overworked, underpaid dregs of society. Why, last year a few celebrities only made $20 million. How do you expect to live off of that. After the private jets, comped meals, limo drivers, caviar shampoo and diamond encrusted cellphones, these poor souls barely have enough to buy a decent Ferrari. New York should be more understanding. Gosh, she already said she was sorry. Do you want her first born or something?

Update: Judge Melissa Jackson gave Foxy Brown a year in jail.

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16 years ago

poor foxy,this girl never seems to catch a break

16 years ago

Hey Tracey, do you even realize that she brought her problems on herself? Are that fucking ignorant to realize, BREAKING PROBATION IS A MANDATORY SENTENCE, ARE YOU FUCKNG STUPID, SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF MORE THAN ONCE YOU FUCKING IDIOT