Katie Holmes possibly pregnant too

The Sun claims Katie Holmes is pregnant with her second child. Despite telling her friends she is thrilled, Katie still decided to hide her bump under a dress when they visited the Beckhams.

But tactile Tom, 44, gave the game away by paying more attention to Katie, 28, than the action on the pitch. Despite being in the early stages of pregnancy Katie joined the post-match party where £30,000 of booze was downed.

A source said: “Katie and Tom are thrilled about having another baby on the way. She is glowing with happiness.”

And to add fuel the fire, here are some recent pictures of Katie Holmes at the beach in a really ugly one-piece. The thing has a belt buckle. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t leprechauns wear that same buckle on their shoes? Any leprechauns out there that can confirm? Fergie? You there? A lot more pictures after the jump.

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Natasha Boneneed
Natasha Boneneed
16 years ago

She looks like Jackie Kennedy to me. Particularly in the swimsuit and oversize sunglasses.