Nicky Hilton is an idiot

At the BlackBerry Curve launch party, Nicky Hilton spoke out about her sister’s impending jail sentence calling it “absurd.” The 23-year-old tells People,

“I think she should definitely be punished, but going to jail for a traffic violation is pretty absurd.”

Offering more proof the Hilton sisters are simply retarded. They’re actually sub-retarded. Paris Hilton knowingly violated probation by driving on a suspended license yet this functional moron insists the punishment should just be another slap on the wrist. Welcome to the real world bitch. If you tested the IQ of both Nicky and a monkey, you would catch Nicky looking at the monkey’s answers for 9 out of every 10 questions. And the monkey wouldn’t even be bubbling in A, B, C or D. He’d be smearing feces over the answer key. Nicky would probably just sit there bewildered and when it was all over, ask the monkey what he studied in college.

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Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams
16 years ago

The “journalist” [they dont deserve that title] who wrote this article is clearly suffering from extreme brain hemerage or is just simply retarded. Flaming people because they are more popular, richer, hotter and famous[er] than you is just childish. Grow up, get a life, stop being a jealous bitch, get a nose job and finally write an article that deserves to be published. Dont write about how jealous you are of Paris Hilton and how much you like monkey crap.