Britney Spears stole some clothes

OK! Magazine promised exclusive shocking photos of Britney Spears and her supposed “meltdown” on Monday, but they failed to deliver. Some scans of Friday’s issue show your average article coupled with old photos of Britney. The only thing interesting here is the fact Britney ran off with $7,724 worth of clothing and accessories.

Britney may have left the house behind, but the same can’t be said for the fashion items. Despite her lack of interest in the clothing provided, Britney walked out with $950 Lanvin heels, a $300 Mia Vita dress, an $87 gold bangle, and a diamond-encrusted Kaviar and Kind cougar ring, valued at $6,387.

God, this is more disappointing than the time I asked that girl to dance and she slapped me and screamed “Rape!” Thanks a lot mom. I can’t take you anywhere.

Image above is Britney Spears at the OK! Magazine shoot.

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