Halle Berry is bossy

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s marriage to model Gabriel Aubry has been going pretty well… for her. On a recent trip to Restoration Hardware in Century City, Halle dragged Gabriel along to pick out some towels and candles. When a salesperson approached them to see if they needed help, Halle declined. The National Enquirer says,

“She told him: ‘No Thanks. He needs to learn how to do these things himself! You men suddenly get all helpless when it comes to domestic stuff. And that just doesn’t cut it with me!'”

Then when it came time to pay, Halle wanted nothing to do with it.

“The total was over $1,000,” the source said.
“At first Gabriel just stood there. Until Halle said: ‘Well, you certainly don’t think I’m paying!'”
Gabriel fumbled for his wallet and quickly broke out a black American Express card and gave it to the clerk.

A year from now, Halle will change Gabriel Aubry’s name to Jeeves Aubry, make him wear a butler outfit and probably stuff a ball gag in his mouth since “it” doesn’t really need to speak. Later on, she can fashion a little display case on the fireplace mantle for his balls and regale guests with the story of how Gabriel, sorry, Jeeves didn’t make a peep when she castrated him with a butter knife.

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